I love writing this series!

The characters all have their own personalities, yet they blend together so well. I’ve had numerous people ask me how I came up with the character of Aunt Shirley, and basically I just say, “It’s who I hope to be when I get to be that age!” So I asked Aunt Shirley to take a minute out of her busy day to answer a few questions for her audience…

JSJ: What is your favorite movie?

AS: Naturally, I love all the Dirty Harry movies. That Clint Eastwood…Mmmm mmm. You know I had a thing with him back in the ’70s right? Back when I was a private investigator. We had a little fling, but I had to end it. He was wanting too much from me. I’ve always been a free spirit.

JSJ: I see. What’s with the hair?

AS: Your hair is your signature, you ninny. It tells people who you are as an individual.

JSJ: What is your hair saying today?

AS: It says I can still kick your butt so watch your tone, missy!

JSJ: My apologies. Let’s talk drinks. Why tequila? Of all the choices out there…why is tequila your favorite?

AS: Tequila is what separates you from the rest of the world. Look at that badass Dwayne Johnson. He loves tequila. You gonna ask him why he likes tequila? No, because he’d probably kick your scrawny butt. You know that song, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off…modeled after me.

JSJ: Really?

AS: Yeah, really. You don’t believe me? You think because I’m an old woman I’m crazy or senile?

JSJ: I never said that.

AS: I got a pair of nunchucks here that will make you think differently!

And so ends our time with Aunt Shirley.