I’m going out tomorrow night, which I am excited about!  My first thought this morning:  “How can I lose 10 pounds in my ass???”  I put on the dress I’m going to wear (because 9 out of 10 days I wear one)….and I twirl around with the mirror in my hand, stopping on my backside.  And instead of thinking, “Wow, in cultures where big butts are considered AWESOME, I’d be considered a GODDESS with this ass,” I think, “Back to the gym this afternoon to see if I can’t improve it within the next 24 hours!”  So I tread (AGAIN) to the gym this afternoon, knowing deep down no miracle is going to come my way.  BUT I WAS WRONG!  While bicycling my hiney off (I WISH)….I came across an article that said if you were a woman that carried your weight in your butt and thighs, you are better off than women that carry weight in their stomach.  It seems fat in your butt (THANK YOU GOD) is actually considered good and has health benefits! LOL…Well, I don’t know about you, but it looks like my happy ass is living until I’m 120!!!   🙂