Okay…so I have been pretty under the weather the last month.  According to the doctor is was nothing more than dehydration/stress/blah blah…so even though I slept 13 hours on Saturday due to pure exhaustion, I woke up this morning thinking no matter what, I was going to start working out again…it has been over a month since I even felt like walking, much less anything else!!

Enter Turbo Kick!  Oh, my gosh…where to start! I decided on Turbo Kick because another teacher in my building teaches the class (she made me swear to write a good review!)…and I’ve heard other teachers talk about it, and I’ve physically seen with my own eyes how much another teacher has benefited from this class!!  HOWEVER, I will say, no one told me there were DEFINITE prerequisites that you must have!! 

1.  You MUST have the ability to walk and chew gum.
2.  You MUST be able to have coordination in your left side (if you are right handed).
3.  You MUST be able to remember how to count under duress.

As most of you know (because you know me) I have NONE of these prerequisites!!  We start off the class, and I’m feeling great (we were working on our right side)…then the evil instructor had to go and make us do the same thing on our LEFT side.  I had no idea until tonight just how UNCOORDINATED my left side really is! 

I will pause right here and let everyone know that there are a few things I will never do in my life:
    1.  A “burpie”…the only “burping” I will ever do will be to a baby…and since I’ve never had one, we can just move on.
    2.  The “Roger Rabbit”…I saw the movie at a drive-in theater in 1988 with my cousin.  I’m almost CERTAIN my instructor wasn’t even BORN then, so by default I am never required to do this move!

Now…for the other fun tidbits running through my mind as I was lagging three beats behind everyone else tonight. There came a spot in the routine where we had to jump in the air and turn around in one motion.  I swear, I actually thought about doing this…immediately, my butt checked my reality!  I suddenly hear my butt (yes, it does speak) screaming, “WOMAN!  You’ve taken physics…you understand momentum and force! Unless you want to take out the right side of the room, DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS!”  Needless to say, I simply turned in a circle. Another place where I actually giggled and almost laugh aloud, was when we were doing “jab, jab, punch, kick, cross” and all I could think of was if I was ever attacked and I tried this stuff, my attacker would probably BUST A GUT laughing at my antics!!!!!  I mean, really, who the heck can’t remember how to jab, jab and which foot goes forward…ME!!!  I kept repeating to myself “opposite….opposite” but my feet could never remember! 

After the class, the instructor came to me and asked me what I thought.  I replied honestly, “This was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done!”  And for those of you who know me….you know I’ve done some PRETTY RIDICULOUS things in my life!! 

So…will I ever go back to this class?  HECK YES!!  I plan on making this a regular thing.  Why, you may ask?  Because after this class, I left feeling like tomorrow I will be able to WALK, TALK, AND CHEW GUM!!!  And I will own it!!   I haven’t felt this great in a very long time!  Yes, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing…yes, I was constantly lost…yes, I looked like an idiot out there pretending I could jab, punch, and move all at the same time.  But I left feeling great!  Alicia does a great job at motivating as well as instructing!  So when I am in St. Joe on Mondays, I will make this my thing….who knows, by the end of school year, maybe I will be jabbing and kicking my way to awesomeness!!!