It was during my years of court reporting when my strive for perfection in writing first manifested. And while most people would think this is a good thing, the truth is…it hindered me as a reporter. I could get the transcripts done, but I had a hard time letting them go. I would scour my pages trying to find the slightest error. This often resulted in my transcripts not getting out fast enough.

Fast forward many years later, and the same is still true for my creative writing. As most of you know, my sister and I pretty much did this book from the ground up…from designing the cover to proofing and editing. I would send her my finalized pages to look over and tweak through Google Docs. I would then import the Google Doc into my Word document. One of my biggest fears was that something would get by…either I wouldn’t import the right portion, or I’d write over something I wanted to save, or I’d not catch something in the grammar or spelling. The truth is, I’ve read this book so many times it almost drove me crazy! LOL…and sometimes your mind sees what it’s MEANT to see, not what it really sees.

Hence…the response I got from someone. This person did me a HUGE favor and already wrote a FANTASTIC review on Amazon for my book. BUT, when I saw her today she says, “If I found two errors, do you want me to tell you?” I’m like YES! LOL…because no matter how perfect I tried to get my 206 pages, I knew there would be something. I’m just glad she didn’t let the two errors influence her wonderful review of my book. 🙂