I finally finished my first novel…Picture Perfect Murder. YAY!!! I had to write it under a pseudonym because Buhman, evidently,  is too hard to spell! LOL…that’s no lie. Even the ladies at school spell my name wrong…Buham. So I decided a simple, easy-to-remember-and-spell name was needed. Now…anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE fan of alliteration (my favorite literary element)…unfortunately, when your name is Jenna, and you want a “J” name to follow, that’s difficult. LOL…thank you Jenna Jameson. So the other “J” name I wanted…well, I looked that name up…she writes Erotica…SO NOT GOING THERE…lol…so I went with a half alliteration. St. James. And I like it…Jenna St. James. Sounds very stately and mature (so not me!)…lol…

So anyway…it’s been a long journey, that’s for sure! There are so many things I learned about myself during this process:

1) I need to learn to merge my demons. I had difficulty coming home every night and working on the book and then getting up at pre-dawn most mornings before school to work on it some more. I mean, I absolutely loved doing it…but I noticed that other things went by the wayside. For instance, on the rare nights I’d let myself go out with my girlfriends, I struggled between feeling guilty for not writing and feeling jealous of the fact I wasn’t spending as much time with them as I normally do. My cousin told me it was because my extrovert was raging war with my introvert. LOL…I like that analogy. But it’s true…while I loved working on my passion, I felt left out when it came to socializing with my friends. I definitely need to learn better social management, or I’ll die alone and friendless!!  LOL…

*Caveat:  Before I tell you about this next part, there is something you need to know about me. I have an inner crazy person. Now most of you who know me well will say, “Tell us something we don’t know!” LOL…I’ve been told my hair stands on end and my eyes twirl in the back of my head. Just sayin’!

2) As I’ve said previously, all other aspects of my life had been put on hold while I wrote this book (and continue to be while I start on book 2). And by other aspects I basically mean my exercise routine. I used to go to the gym after school…now I come straight home and write. This has resulted in some weight gain. And it’s not like I haven’t noticed…duh, I went from working out nearly daily to a complete sedentary nightlife. Here is the conversation in my house nearly every 24 hours:

James: “Don’t you think you should be at the gym working out?”
ENTER WILD HAIRED, EYE TWITCHING, SPLIT-PEA SOUP VOMITING CRAZY JENNA….and while I won’t entertain you with the conversation that follows, trust me when I say it ain’t pretty! LOL…but I understand the concern. Again, time management, something I don’t seem to be good at. I tend to throw myself passionately and wholeheartedly into a project and forget about my responsibilities.

3) Which bring me to my house…eekk! While I’ve tried to keep up with the surface duty cleaning (dishes, vacuuming, etc), I’ve completely lost it when it comes to laundry and other factors. Before I was eager for people to come over and I’d entertain…now I just pray people want to stay on the porch (haha)…okay, maybe not quite that bad…but pretty darn close.

But even after all this, I’m super excited to say…I’ve already started book 2!!

I also want to thank my sister (whose birthday happens to be today…the day the book comes out!!!)…she has helped me immensely! While I gave her ideas what I wanted for my book cover…she was the one that actually put it all together. She was very patient with me, and told me I could change anything I wanted. She did my book cover AND did my proofing/editing for me. It was so much fun seeing what she’d recommend I’d do with certain pieces. Without her, this dream would never have come true! THANKS JULES…I LOVE YOU!!

I’ll be honest and say I don’t know if you can actually download it today on Kindle…I’m still not 100% sure how this works…but by tomorrow you can! I hope I don’t annoy y’all with my promotion…word of mouth is everything!! I’m also working tonight on CreateSpace…a way Amazon does paperback books…so for those of you who do not have a Kindle can still purchase the book in paperback.

* The book is Picture Perfect Murder by Jenna St. James. Please buy and let me know what you think. Y’all will be the first to read and give me feedback.