This blog post is dedicated to my sister, Juliana. As most of you know, Jules has lost and kept off over 200 pounds this last year. I can’t express how proud I am of her!!  Her dedication to making herself into a more healthful person has been surpassed by everyone’s expectations!

I’ll never forget her telling me the story of going in for her three month check up and sitting next to a girl who had surgery at the same time she did.  The girl had only lost 20 pounds in three months, while Juliana had already lost nearly 100 pounds!!!  Even the doctors were amazed at the way her body took to the surgery.  She was meticulous about measuring her food, eating what she was supposed to, and sticking to the diet. The result was a weight loss of over 200 pounds!!!

That’s the amazing news…the not-so-amazing news, with this huge weight loss came real challenges. Trust me, on this I know, when you have dramatic weight loss, it doesn’t just melt away with the weight. When I lost my 80 pounds, I loved the way my body looked, most days. Unfortunately, there were many times I would be discouraged by the way my skin now sagged.  So I made the decision to have the skin removed. Juliana is now struggling with this problem–the main difference, mine was only 80 pounds, hers is over 200 POUNDS!!!!  It’s almost incomparable.

I’m writing this post because I am asking help for my sister. We have started a fund for her to help reach her goal of having skin removal surgery. Juliana is the most warm, positive, and giving person I know. She loves life, always has, but now that she’s able to get around in it, she really thrives. However, not surprisingly, there are days she has bouts of depression over the vast amount of skin that hangs down from her arms, stomach, and legs. If you go on her Give Forward site, you can see AMAZING before and after pictures. She starts with the day of her surgery (she had to drop down to 350 pounds before the doctors would do the surgery, so she had lost 30 pounds already)…and slide all the way over and see her FANTASTIC HEALTHY BODY minus 220 pounds!!! Thanks in advance…and please share this blog so that others may experience the amazing journey my sister has started!!

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