I just wanted to quickly share with you my new romantic comedy series I’m writing. I know I usually stay in the lines of “cozy writer” but I’ve recently decided to stretch my boundaries. My usual “formula” still applies (older generation teaching younger, family oriented, and positive military element) … I’m just not throwing in a dead body. Ha! There are primarily seven senior citizens who want to see their grandchildren married off, and so they decide to help them along however they can.

In the first book, Blazing Trouble, fireman Caleb Travers and reporter Katherine O’Malley make a pact that seems innocuous at first … but before the week is out, their lives will forever be changed.

Book 2 will be up for pre-order next week (I’ll send out a reminder soon) … and book 3 is being written. In total, I hope to have about seven or eight books in this series!!

I am terrible at labels (lol … that’s the teacher in me, I LOATHE them), but if I had to “label” this series, I’d say heavy on comedy, light on romance. And, of course, saucy senior citizens! LOL. I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it! The book GOES LIVE August 29!!! Pre-order today for only $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited!