So everything publication-wise is now finished and ready to go! The e-book will be available before the print paperback (no surprise there). The feelings of pride and excitement I get from this new series is mind-blowing!! I have dedicated this series, the Sullivan Sisters, to my late grandpa, Frank Mills. The “Gramps” in this series is a lot like my real-life grandfather–loves John Wayne, served in the military, and is outwardly gruff but a softie on the inside.

The setting is also familiar–Sonoma County, California. It’s where I spent many years of my life and where my dad, mom, and sister still live. As I get older and go back for visits, it gets harder and harder to leave them…and harder and harder to leave the lull of the ocean surf and the beauty of the picturesque Sonoma wine country.

I hope y’all love this new series as much as I love writing it! It’s amazing how close I feel to my own Gramps, mom, and sister when I write about the Sullivan Sisters!

Thanks for strapping in and taking this ride with me as I plug away at my dream of writing. I hope to have Murder on the Vine available on Amazon within the next few days!! I’ve already started writing the second book in the Sullivan Sisters Series.

And don’t forget to check out my first series, a Ryli Sinclair Mystery, with Picture Perfect Murder and Girls’ Night Out MurderBook three is in the works!