Recently my cooking has come under attack. The only defense I will give is this:  I can’t wait for the day when either aliens or terrorists try to take over….then, yes, THEN, Jenna will be able to come in and SAVE THE DAY!!

How you ask?  Well, as most of you know, I had the unfortunate incident with the pork chops years ago–you know, continually poisoning myself for a period of a month and a half, the doctor stating that he never witnessed a person live through such a thing, BLAH, BLAH…..but here’s my point:  The day will come when my cooking will SAVE THE WORLD!!

See, if we are overtaken by “unsavories,” all the government has to do is offer me as a “sacrifice” or “cook”…I can be the person that cooks and tests the food to make sure the “head leader” is not being poisoned.  I can poison myself–as evidenced by the fact I am still alive–and give the “bad guy” the food, too.  I will be strong and healthy; he will slowly perish….and I will not be looked at as a person of interest because I am spry and healthy!!

SOOOO…for all you HATERS out there dissin’ my cooking ability….I can’t wait for the day when you have to hoist me on your shoulders and PRAISE ME for saving your sorry butt!!  LOL….  🙂