I AM a Military Wife!

The heartache hits around every corner,

The loneliness stretches for miles;

I desperately need to touch your sweet face,

And be graced with one of your smiles.

…..I am a Military wife!

The days are filled with everyday duties,

Like errands, the kids, the house;

But at night I lie in bed all alone,

And wish I could just hold my spouse.

….I am a Military wife!

Myriad memories that Daddy is missing,

I try vainly to capture them all;

The walks in the park and bedtime, too,

But the effort just seems so small.

….I am a Military wife!

I know what you do is important,

But that doesn’t alleviate my fears;

The impending call to head into battle,

Your sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears.

…I am a Military wife!

So forgive me if sometimes I rage and cry,

Most nights I am really strong;

It’s just that I miss my lover’s embrace,

So please don’t be gone too long.

…I am a Military wife!

–For Angel Utt by Jenna Buhman