Veiled in Murder

A Ryli Sinclair Mystery Book 5

With her wedding only a few months away, Ryli is scrambling to make sure everything is in order. On her to-do list: Get measured for her wedding veil at the new fabric store in town, Quilter’s Paradise. But when Ryli and Aunt Shirley literally stumble over a body at the store, and whispers of corporate espionage arise, Hank convinces Ryli and Aunt Shirley to solve the case for the next big story in the Granville Gazette.

An easy enough task…if Ryli wasn’t constantly getting beaten up by 90-year-old ladies in self-defense class, and Aunt Shirley wasn’t having to dodge Old Man Jenkins’s overtures around every corner.

By the time Aunt Shirley finally puts the pieces together and figures out who the killer is, it may be too late for Ryli. Can Garrett, Old Man Jenkins, and Aunt Shirley work together to get Ryli to safety, or will the vow of ‘til death us do part’ take on a more sinister meaning for Ryli and Garrett?