Next Stop Murder

A Ryli Sinclair Mystery Book 8

Buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride!

Honeymoons can be murder, and when it’s a double honeymoon, involving both Ryli and her wacky Aunt Shirley, you can be sure there’ll be double trouble on the Westward Expansion train. When a passenger is robbed, and the train’s security officer suspects that Ryli and Garrett are the thieves, the newly-wedded couples decide to team up and solve the case before the real thief gets away. Ryli is thrilled to finally be working with Garrett, and Aunt Shirley is delighted to indulge her perpetual need for excitement.

Their investigation goes off the rails, however, when murder makes an unexpected appearance. Ryli and Aunt Shirley know they must put their heads together to nab both the thief and killer before the train pulls into the next station. Will Ryli and Aunt Shirley solve the mystery in time? Or will Ryli and Garrett spent the rest of their honeymoon behind bars?