Gold, Frankincense, and a Merry Murder

A Ryli Sinclair Mystery Book 9

Hold on to your Santa hats! Ryli and Aunt Shirley are back at it again in this humorous Christmas cozy.

When a local shop owner is killed during the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, Aunt Shirley is ready to put her new PI license to work and find the true murderer. With a list of suspects handy, Ryli and Aunt Shirley follow the clues, and their instincts, and set out to capture the killer. But first they’ll have to survive tangling with a mean old lady and her cane, a pack of killer chihuahuas (not again!), and a gang of biker dudes. Oh, and manage to stay off Santa’s (Old Man Jenkins) naughty list!

Can the girls rely on their experience, instinct, and wit to take down the killer? Or will their first case as licensed PIs have them falling on their faces? Find out in this funny, feel-good Christmas tale of a young woman learning about life through the eyes of her fearless great aunt.