Bed, Breakfast, and Murder

A Ryli Sinclair Mystery Book 4

Gather your party hats and magnifying glasses and help these ladies “get a clue.” Mystery Author Jenna St. James will tickle your funny-bone with this latest hysterical caper. Ryli Sinclair and her ever-astonishing and outrageous Aunt Shirley team up again in this non-traditional Cozy that will amuse and entertain you!

It’s Aunt Shirley’s birthday, and the former Private Investigator wants to spend it with her favorite girls on a weekend getaway. Unfortunately, the weekend getaway includes a trip to a WhoDunIt Murder Mystery Bed and Breakfast. The weekend of harmless fun gets a bit too real when an actual body is discovered, and Ryli and the gang try to gather clues to solve the mystery, hoping that it was merely a random act. When a second body is discovered, however, the gals realize that there is a killer is on the loose, and that everyone from the owners, to the workers, to the other theater-going participants, are all suspects. The local Sheriff enlists the help of Ryli and Aunt Shirley and hilarity ensues. Tossing back tequila shots and riding high atop a mechanical bull, Aunt Shirley is determined to discover the secrets everyone is hiding, before another victim is found.