Bachelorettes and Bodies

A Ryli Sinclair Mystery Book 6

It’s bachelorette party time and no one throws a party like Aunt Shirley!

Ryli and the girls are heading to Vegas for a five-day stay at a swanky hotel. When Ryli and Aunt Shirley encounter a group of elderly women in a Seniors group who are in the clutches of a con artist, hilarity ensues, as Aunt Shirley steps in and offers to con the con man.

The stakes rapidly escalate when the manager of the five-star French restaurant in the hotel is found brutally murdered. Ryli and Aunt Shirley jump in with both feet to help, and as luck would have it, the soon-to-retire Vegas detective on the case is none other than Detective Dickerson—a then rookie cop Aunt Shirley knew years ago when she was a private investigator in Los Angeles.

With only a few days to take down the con man, apprehend a murderer, convince Garrett not to lose his mind with worry, and squeeze in all the fun tourist-y things on Aunt Shirley’s list, Ryli knows she’s in for the ride of her life. A sudden kink is put in Ryli’s chain when she finds herself having to decide whether or not she can actually go forward with her marriage to Garrett. Thank goodness what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.