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New series!

Blazing Trouble

Trinity Falls Book 1

What happens when a gang of elderly men and women at the local senior center decide to interfere in their grandkids' love life? Find out in the hilarious new series by Jenna St. James.

The Ryli Sinclair series

Newspaper reporter and part-time forensic photographer Ryli Sinclair keeps stumbling over dead bodies — whether she's at home in her small town of Granville, Missouri, or living it up in Vegas for her bachelorette party. Join Ryli, ridiculously handsome chief of police Garrett Kimble, and tequila-loving, former private eye Aunt Shirley as they chase down clues, outrun killer chihuahuas, and attempt to apprehend killers — before one of them becomes the next victim.

The Sullivan Sisters series

Bookstore / bar owner Jaycee Sullivan and her pastry-chef sister Jax find themselves at the center of hilarious hijinks after discovering a dead body at a local winery. With the help of Gramps — a retired Army colonel — and Tillie — a former trapeze artist and contortionist — the sisters must find a way to clear the Sullivan name. Boozy recipes included in the back of each book!

About Jenna St. James

Jenna St. James writes in the genres of cozy/paranormal cozy/romantic comedy. Her series include the Ryli Sinclair mystery series, the Sullivan Sisters mystery series, the Copper Cove mystery series, and the new Trinity Falls romantic comedy series. Her humorous characters and stories revolve around over-the-top family members, creative murders, and there's always a positive element of the military in her stories.

Tequila IS my boyfriend!

Aunt Shirley
Ryli Sinclair Mystery Series

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Copper Cove mystery series
Ryli Sinclair mystery series
Sullivan Sisters mystery series
Trinity Falls romantic comedy series

Aunt Shirley and Ryli never cease to amaze me with their antics. They are both strong women who know what they want and are always fighting the good fight. I hope there are many more to come in this series.

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